Ground Breaking for the Crossings at Godley Station


The City of Pooler continues to grow rapidly with another new development that broke ground on Thursday.

Mike Lamb said the city has come a long way in his 15 years as mayor.

“I went out and I think I visited just about every business in the City of Pooler at that time in just one day,” said Mayor Lamb.

Another shopping center with what developers are calling high end businesses will be built by fall of 2019.

The president of Stature Investments, the development company, says this project is particularly special to him.

“We’ve never done this to this magnitude. We’ve done other retail spaces, but not something as big as this one. Just knowing the location, I am from Pooler, I’m just very excited about it, to bring this to my community,” said Yash Desai.

The Crossings at Godley Station will be 42,000 square-feet of retail space.

“It’s a very special day. Any business and any development that comes here we want to support it and make it the best it can be,” said Mayor Lamb.

The people who have lived here their entire lives say Pooler has a lot more to offer now.

“It’s bringing it up more and letting there be more to do, because I remember when I was a kid, there wasn’t a lot to do around here,” said resident Angel Stansbury.

“We now have 10 to 15 times more people than we once had in the City of Pooler,” said Mayor Lamb.

Construction of the new development will begin this week.

The mayor said more construction will be coming soon to the area near the new St. Joseph’s Candler.

This Article is from FOX28-TV